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“Burger King Baby” and Assumptions About Birthmothers

When I first read the story about Katheryn Deprill trying to find her mother I was shocked and disgusted to read some of the comments at the end of the article. Most were hateful towards her mother. As the story

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at Church

Church Friend 1 (aka Fuchsia) – “Giant Petunia, I hear you are adopted? We found out last year that there is no chance that we will have children of our own.  I was wondering, would you mind if I asked

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With Grandmother-In-Law

Grandmother-In-Law: What did you do today? GiantPetunia: I went to lunch with my mother, aunts, and sisters. GIL: Now was that with you “real” mom? GP: By “real” mom do you mean the woman that carried me in her womb for 9 months and

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Things are Different

Six months ago the beginning of this conversation would have made me sad and caused quiet, internal anxiety. But things are different now. Conversation this morning: Lily: Oh Mom! I forgot to give this to you yesterday.  It is due

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