About Orphans

My mother-in-law, Aster:  I get what you are saying about adoption, but we have a responsibility to take care of orphans.  We always have.  Think about Emma Smith and the Murdock twins.  {More info on the Murdock Twins}

GP:  You are right. We do have a Christian responsibility to take care of orphans.  I personally don’t think that a baby with two unwed parents is automatically an orphan but for the sake of this discussion let’s say that all babies placed for adoption are “orphans”.  

Why is it that after more than 150 years we still know that Julia was a Murdock?

People adopted from closed adoptions are expected to forget that they are genetically related to another family. I don’t know, but I assume that Julia’s father checked on her, and he knew where she was at all times. Julia didn’t have to wonder where she came from.  Everyone knew her has Julia Murdock Smith, one of the twins that Emma and Joseph Smith adopted. 

Aster:  So you think that’s the problem that adoptees don’t know their… what would you call it… genetic genealogy?

GP:  I don’t think that’s “the problem”  I think it is one of several difficulties that adopted people face. 

Aster: I never thought of it that way.  I just figured you needed a mother, and you got one. And you got a really good one.

GP: I did.  My mom was one of the best ones out.  She deserved Mother of the Year every single year.  Emma Smith was a great woman and mother too, but Julia didn’t have to pretend that Emma gave birth to her to have a close relationship with Emma. 

Aster: You are right.  Wow… I just never really thought about adoption that way before. When I was growing up it seemed like it was better to pretend that that baby was born to the adoptive parents but when you stop and think about it — it must be hard to not know who your biological family is.

GP: Yep.



After a 24 year search and 42 year separation I have reunited with my natural family. I share my thoughts, experiences, discoveries here so that others can understand what it means to be adopted -- from my perspective.

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